Can Old Hardwood Flooring Be Sanded?

You must discover it is wood, and most importantly which type of flooring you’ve got. I am afraid the only alternative would be to replace it if your flooring is a wood effect laminate then. Laminate flooring comes in varying measure of quality, but most of the time it’s basically a wood effect print stuck with a lacquer on top to an MDF or plywood plank, sanding it would sand the print off and destroy the floor. Also be sure that the flooring isn’t a wood effect vinyl, they’ve become popular in recent years due to their apparently low maintenance qualities, they are quite simple to clean but sadly the only alternative will be to replace once they may be appearing old and boring or scraped.

There are two kinds of wooden flooring that is fitted; solid and engineered wood flooring and the good thing is, both refurbished and can be sanded to look as new as the day. As it’s an identical building engineered wooden flooring will often be mistaken for laminate. What this means is if sanded right you should just must sand less than a millimeter off, so the flooring can generally be sanded up to 3 times. If your floor is solid wood flooring it is going to possess a similar look to engineered at first glance, but it’ll be built completely from your surface to the foundation of one piece of wood. Solid wood flooring will necessarily cost more to purchase and is more expensive to make, but in my own opinion it’s not as great engineered as it’s prone to warping.

Solid wood flooring and engineered can be fitted in numerous methods generally discovered by the kind of subfloor. A flooring nailer is utilized to drive a nail just and into the joist, this will feel like first floor boards and creates an extremely sturdy flooring. This approach can be occasionally used on a chipboard subfloor. If the flooring will be to be fitted to your screeded or concrete subbase then the floor may be glued down as there isn’t any emptiness between the wood and foundation this creates an incredibly solid and acoustically good floor. The weight of the fact it is fitted from wall and the flooring means it cannot go everywhere. You may probably have the ability to detect an extremely slight spring in the ground when walked on if you’ve got a floating flooring. Fortunately in all scenarios the flooring can be sanded the same.

Here are a few pointers to assist you to work out which type of flooring you’ve got. If you’d any of the planks left over when the floor was fitted check, rather frequently the fitter will propose to keep some of the remaining flooring in the attic in the event you have to fix a segment. Or you could find a place of the floor where you’ll be able to see the border, perhaps pulling up air port, a door threshold or a little bit of Scotia or skirting board. You should have the capacity to tell in the building which type of flooring it really is if you do it this way.

So hopefully this will allow you to determine when it is time or if your flooring can be sanded and refurbished. Any seasoned wood flooring contractor should have the capacity to help you should you be still uncertain then. At Fireant Flooring OKC, you can expect free and no obligation estimates for all flooring restoration jobs.