Tips for Military Families and Service Members on the Move

Military families and single soldiers face a number of challenges. Being moved every year or two is only the start of their problems. We’ll share a few tips to make the whole process easier.

Tips for When You’re Moving

If you’re in the military, do not buy a house until you’re out of the service. It is understandable that you want to buy a home and build equity. However, the reality is that you’re going to have to move at with moving companies in oklahoma city. When you learn when that date is, your choices are selling a house quickly at a loss, becoming a long distance landlord or leaving family behind until the house sells with the hope they can rejoin you later. If you’re renting while in the military, you at most have to deal with a broken lease, and there are laws on the books that let you get out of most leases without penalty if you can prove the move is because you’re being deployed.

If you sell the house quickly, you will likely need to rely on packing and wrapping services that specialize in military moves. They are the ones who can fly your critical possessions to the other side of the country or the German military base you’ll be living on. They can ship your less important possessions affordably by train or boat while you fly to your destination. A side benefit of working with experts in military moves is that they know how to fill out customs paperwork so you don’t have to pay import duties on your possessions or risk losing things in transit.

Tips for When You’re Leaving Your Things Behind

If you’re putting property into a storage unit because you’re being stationed overseas, tell the moving companies  in Edmond OK. There are extra protections for military service members and their families who miss monthly payments relative to the other person, since someone whose unit is on the move will have a harder time receiving mail.

Another tip is naming a local contact with a limited power of attorney to act on your behalf if there are issues with your account. The power of attorney should allow the person to handle your bills while you’re deployed or manage your property. If your car and boxes of stuff are in self-storage, listing that person as a secondary contact and giving them authority to act can save you from major losses. For example, they’ll have the ability to pay the monthly bills and any extra fees the storage service charges. They will be allowed to check on the property if something seems damaged and report suspected theft to the police. They can talk to the self-service facility management about your property and make sure it isn’t classified as abandoned and sold off.

If you don’t have time to liquidate your property before you move, you can set up a similar power of attorney agreement with a friend or family member. Then they can sell the truck you can’t take with you at a reasonable price before forwarding you the money. They can sell and donate the items you didn’t ship off with the residential moving services okc. They could even sell your trailer and find a home for pets that could go with you due to the rules that apply to military moves.

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