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How To Hire The Right Movers

As more and more families move from one place to another in search of better jobs, careers or for tourist and medical purposes, there is a need to hire the right movers. However, not many of us are regular movers and therefore our knowledge on the subject could be limited. Unless we have the right information and knowledge, we could end up making the wrong choice. Choosing a wrong packer and mover could be a big problem and could spoil the entire moving experience. It is therefore not a bad idea to list down some of the main points to be kept in mind when somebody is planning to hire a mover.

Take Referrals From Family Members

If you ask those who have been able to hire the best movers in OKC and surrounding areas, they will have a few things to say in common. They will most probably mention that they have got the best movers through references from friends and family members. Your coworkers and even neighbors could help suggest the right movers. Hence, referrals are perhaps the best way when it comes to hiring the right packers and movers.

Get Personal & Written Estimates

It would also be better to get a written estimate and a personal one at that. This will bind the movers to an estimate that is valid and they will not be able to back out of it. It will also make the estimate accurate and you also will be able to know more about the services that are offered by the packer and movers in Edmond.

Be Open With Your Estimator

Be transparent and open with your mover and show them all the furniture, clothes, boxes and various other household belongings. This will help the mover to make an accurate and correct estimate. You should not end up in a situation where you will suddenly come out with a few more items that should be included in the to-move list. This will upset the entire estimate and it might also put the entire moving plan in jeopardy. The movers would have identified a truck of the right size keeping your previous list in mind. Adding more items will make things go awry and the entire plan of moving could be delayed.

Look For Hidden Fees & Charges

You do not want surprises on a moving day and therefore make sure that the quote you have from your mover is complete in all respect. Be wary of the hidden fees and last minutes charges. These could be in the form of extra stops charges, fuel surcharges, equipment fees, etc. Have these all cleared and let the mover put it in writing that the offer they have made is full, total and complete.

Use A Packing Services

Most movers are responsible only for loading, transporting and unloading the belongings. They do not include packing in their estimate. You would do well to have a packer for packing the household belongings. Though you may come across DIY lessons in packing, it would be better to get the job done by a professional.


To conclude while there are many packers and movers, researching and then deciding who to select is the right way forward.

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